Pilot Club of Valley Forge


The Service Organization that Starts with Friendship



The Pilot Club of Valley Forge is a local chapter of Pilot International (www.pilotinternational.org), whose mission for the past 90 years has been to

Improve the quality of life in communities throughout the world.  Although we have varied projects that support children, the elderly and the disadvantaged, our main focus is to help people affected by brain related disorders and disabilities through volunteer activities, education and financial support.




The first Pilot Club was organized in Macon, Ga. in 1921, as a volunteer service organization for business and professional people. The name PILOT was chosen to represent the stalwart riverboat pilots of that era who steered their vessels through the rough water with confidence and a steady hand.   Realizing that Pilot could benefit so many people outside their own community, the founding members set out to establish clubs in all 50 states.  Because of their diligent efforts to share Pilot with others, the organization now consists of more than 485 Pilot Clubs in the United States alone.  Pilot members are community-minded individuals who volunteer their time and resources to helping people in need.




 In 1952, Pilot began to recruit youth volunteers through the establishment of Anchor Clubs, a volunteer service organization for young people.  We currently have Anchor Clubs at Owen J Roberts and Springford schools. Pilot and Anchor clubs work together to accomplish our goals of service in the community.

The Pilot International Foundation furthers the organizationís humanitarian activities through the disbursement of grants and scholarships to support focus-related program and activities.




The best way to see what Pilot is all about is to see us in action.   Our monthly dinner meeting is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, 6pm. To attend a meeting as our guest,
please call
Jean Ann Saville  610 265 5191.  




President: Jean Ann Saville
President Elect: Karen Dobson
Treasurer: Alicia Fox
Secretary:  Carol Lynch




For more information about the club, our projects and services we provide, contact Bonnie Misko at email bjm1340@verizon.net 


Visit us on  facebook.com/pilotclub.valleyforge



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