The object of the Woman's Club is to develop the educational, civic and social interest of its

members and to advance the welfare of the community.

It all began back in 1884 when a few women met and organized the "Ladies Library Society".

Their object was, "To Prevent the Formation of Intellectual Rust".  To qualify for membership

one had to be married.  At the time dues were $2.50. 

They have been busy ever since raising money for various projects.

In 1898 the Club raised $5000 for Phoenixville's Hospital Building Fund. In 1890

the hospital moved to a new 40-bed facility at the present Nutt Road location.  In 1891 an iron

fountain was erected at Main Street and Nutt Road at the cost of $170.  About 1920 the Club

sponsored the first night school for foreigners.  In 1926  it gave 100 Norway Spruce trees to the

Borough and had them planted in Reeves Park.  During World War II the Club had many

projects and invited the wives of officers and servicemen to attend their meetings.  The Club

has continued to sponsor fund raisers for many projects in the area, and in 1966 helped the

YMCA obtain woodworking equipment.

Today the Club's continued efforts to help organizations in the community are its first priority.

Each year we give scholarship gifts to three graduates at the high school.  We present contributions to
a list of deserving non-profit charities in the area and still fulfill our goals of interest to the members.  Our programs each month provide opportunities for study, service and sociability.  We hold fund raisers to support these activities.


We are always eager to admit new members in order to continue these activities and also to

bring to the Club new thoughts and ideas.   We look forward to a stimulating future.